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"Shut up and listen"

Sound installation...Sound installation...Sound installation
I am a musician. I don´t build objects, poems or situations. I create waves invisible to the human eye. This is my proposition...
When I think of sound installations, the first thing that pops into my mind is an object. I find this very disturbing. Should not sound be sound?
I have experienced many sound installations as an spectator, and most of them were tremendously visual. The sound presented was always related to an object or a space. Well, spaces never bothered me, but sound objects are a little more intriguing.
When you listen to the sound of guitar, you visualize the object. I don´t know if this is a fact, but it is very comfortable for me to think that it is. In sound installations you should transcend the object that produces the sound. You deal with different propositions: space, time, sound and object. It is not music only. It is experimenting the listener/viewer relationship with a given space and/or situation.
I am very objective. I was invited to create a sound for a space, and I did so. As I was never any good in arts an crafts,
so I focused myself in the sound work. The situation is an absent space, and darkness equals absence. At least for me it does.
In the end everything is only a matter of building something out of nothing, even if the result is uncomfortable or absent.

Christine Fowler